Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fully Owned and Collared

this girl has been fully owned and collared to her new Master since November 1, 2008. Master surprised girl by asking her if she wanted to collar to be made permanant. girl did not even have to think about her answer. although there have been issues and this first couple of weeks has been a bit "bumpy" girl feels something deep down that some how this is where she belongs. girl can't quite put her finger on it yet but she knows it is there. Since the day girl met Master and "s" in person girl felt like she had known them before somewhere, some time.

girl wishes there was something she could do to help "s" get through being jealous. since girl has no idea how to help, girl just tries to stay in the background until Master needs her or speaks to her. girl has been holding back with Master to ease her sister's pain. girl is not used to holding back with a Master. girl has always given 100% and more to a Master from the very beginning. that is what a girl is supposed to do, in this girl's opinion.