Friday, October 31, 2008

bumpy beginning

We have been going to Master's every night this week. Things have been a little crazy since Master has been trying to get costumes made for their kids. "S" has had a few issues with me but nothing that really isn't expected. Being part of a poly home isn't the easiest thing and there will always be issues on everyone's part that need to be dealt with. The biggest issues actually came from one of Master and "S"'s preteen daughters. Master was not expecting this at all but dealt with it the way He felt best.

The kids are all getting along. This is a very big plus already.

Hopefully once Halloween is over things will settle down a bit and rules and expectations can be discussed. I will just wait and be patient until Master is ready and has the time.

I am trying to adjust to all of it myself. This hasn't been the best week for me to be going to Master's every night since I am trying to get final projects done for my college classes. Master has been helpful as far as my Cultural Diversity paper goes and I am thankful for His help.

Getting used to new people can be very stressful for me at times and now with Master, "S", and their kids it seems to be even more so. I think maybe because I am not sure of how things are done yet or what is expected but also because I want them to like me and I want Master to be happy that I am around.

I do hope that "S" and I can be the best of friends as well as sister slaves. I do hope that she understands that I am not looking to replace her in any way. I am merely around to enhance what she already gives to Master.


ps. the only reason i call my sister slave "S" is because I do not know if Master wishes me to give names yet at this time. since it has not been discussed, I will only use initials until given permission to do otherwise.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

brighter skys

As of this morning I am under consideration to be owned by a local Master. I went to the house last night and met Him, his slave "S" and the three kids. All were wonderful. Although I was a bit nervous the whole night and still some this morning, there was a calm about it as well. We all got a long great. Tomorrow I am taking my kids over to meet everyone. I think everyone will get along just fine. Now I just need to let my guards down one at a time and loosen up a bit more. Things still need to be discussed and figured out. It's kind of funny though...."S" is already making plans for Christmas. lol

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

spiraling downward

I can feel my life spiralling downward more and more each day. I can not take much more.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Restored from old blog as slavelisbeth

Friday, October 10, 2008

my ex Mistress has gotten to this account and changed the email associated with it. please be aware.

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sleepless night
girl did not sleep much last night at all. a couple of minutes here and a couple of minutes there. girl spent most of her night curled up in a ball clutching her chain and hugging tightly to her
sheet feeling like the most worthless slave alive.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

not a pretty sight
girl sobbed uncontrollably for her entire 15 minutes of kneeling tonight. tears and snot running down her face. girl is sure it was not a pretty sight. Mistress still has not contacted girl or gotten back online. girl is so confused. every time girl tries....she ends up some how wrong and Mistress gets mad. what is girl doing wrong?

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lost, confused and very hurt slave
Mistress is mad at girl again. Mistress logged off mad leaving girl with a "I quit you can go back to using your old ID. You don't even try."What?Mistress has had girl counting calories. This by itself is very frustrating for girl. she has tried doing this in the past and it has never worked for her because it frustrates girl so much. girl even asked Mistress for help when it came to figuring calories for meals that were prepared with multiple items. Girl can not figure this out. So girl decided to just eat what she can easily figure the calories on. Girl has lost 3.8 pounds since September 29. She has counted calories on what she could and listed the foods she could not figure on her list to Mistress and Master.Girl can not understand how this has not been trying. girl is very confused and very, very hurt. girl is so upset that she can not even eat her favorite food tonight even if she wanted to.What did girl do wrong this time? she was counting calories on what she could. asked for help with things she could not figure (only to get yelled at) and has lost weight. what is girl missing here?Mistress girl is sorry for whatever it is she did wrong. girl doesn't understand why you are doing this. girl has been trying very hard. not talking to girl isn't going to help anything.lost, confused and very hurt,lisbeth

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

missing Mistress
girl has been missing Mistress a lot lately. either Mistress isn't feeling well or girl isn't. Mistress has been sending girl off the computer to relax and get some rest. tonight girl wanted so much to argue with Mistress. yes, girl needs the rest but girl also needs some time with Mistress as well. girl and Mistress just got through a very difficult time where girl was being a very difficult slave and it caused much tension between girl and Mistress. girl has been hoping for some nice quality time with Mistress but it still has not come. Mistress told girl a specific time she should be on tonight and Mistress is not on. not only does girl wish for time with Mistress, girl wishes Master would spend time with her as well. girl does understand that Master has a lot going on right now...well, girl understands. right now girl feels like crying. girl guesses she will get all her stuff done online, do her night time kneeling and just go to bed.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

caloric upset

girl is upset with Mistress tonight. Mistress told girl to count her calories to help her lose weight. girl has tried this many times in the past only to get frustrated beyond belief. counting calories just does not work for this girl. girl has tried to explain this to Mistress but Mistress just tells girl she is to do as she is ordered to do. 3 ounces of baby carrots have 35 calories...ok but how much is 3 ounces if you don't have the food scales to weigh the dumb things? so frustrated, girl asks Mistress how she is supposed to count calories when she doesn't know how many carrots 3 ounces is. Mistress told girl she was making an issue of the whole thing and was arguing and trying to make Mistress change her mind. rather than help girl try to figure this out Mistress logged off. girl was not arguing she was asking a question to get help so she could try to do as she was told to do. girl is so upset. girl knows that counting calories does not work for her. in fact it usually makes things worse because girl gets so frustrating with trying to figure out the calories and having to measure every little thing. girl just wishes she could get Mistress to understand this without her thinking that girl is trying to argue. girl would rather just not eat than to be frustrated with trying to count calories.

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Story: Lessons Learned Part 4
Lessons LearnedPart 4I could feel his cock getting ready to explode when he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me from his cock. “You want Sir’s cum, girl? Beg for it.”
“Oh, yes please, Sir. Please may girl have your cum. Please, Sir, girl begs to taste your cum. Please.”
The man shoved my head back down to his swollen, throbbing cock. A few times up and down his shaft and a couple of flicks with my tongue and his hot cum was shooting into my throat. I eagerly swallowed every last drop and licked his cock clean.
“Good girl.”
The man patted the top of my head and lightly pushed my head down to rest on his knee. I stayed still while he gently stroked my hair; my reward for a job well done. I allowed myself to relax and enjoy his touch.
The man had me so relaxed that I think I fell asleep. The car came to a stop and I jerked awake and started to panic. Where was I?
“Calm down, girl. It’s ok.” The man stroked my hair and rested my head on his knee once more. He held my head there, stroking my hair for a few minutes. He then guided me to the seat next to him.
“We have reached our destination, girl.” The man opened the car door and climbed out. He reached in and helped me out of the car and he shut the door. I heard and felt the car pull away from us.
I stood still not knowing what to do next or what would happen next. I did not dare to move. I had not been instructed to move or to do anything. There came a quick jerk to the leash attached to Master’s collar. I slowly started walking.
The man did not help me this time. I stumbled and fell many times. I could feel the scrapes on my knees bleeding. The man told me to remove my shoes so I could walk easier. I did as told and found myself trying to walk small stones. I could not keep up with the man and he kept jerking the leash to make me move faster. I would stumble and fall every time he jerked the chain.
I stopped when I heard the man open a heavy door. He then jerked the leash again and I obediently did my best to follow. There were cold, stone stairs leading downward. I started to stumble but the man caught me this time.
“We don’t want you falling down the stairs and breaking your neck now do we girl?”
He held me around the shoulders and guided me safely down the stairs. The air was chilled and damp. I was getting very nervous again and wanted so much to just turn and run up the stairs and outside to safety. This was a stupid idea for many reasons but the thought was there.
Finally the stairs came to an end. The man led me by only the leash again, giving it a jerk when I was moving too slowly. The man came to a stop and grabbed me by Master’s collar. He pulled me to him and unhooked the leash. I felt relieved until I heard yet another click of something else being attached to Master’s collar.
“A chain has been attached to the collar around you neck, girl. The chain is attached to the ceiling. You have limited space to move around. The blindfold will remain in place until the appropriate time to remove it. You will remain chained here for as long as it is necessary. Do you understand, girl?”
Tears started rolling from my eyes but all there was only one thing to say, “Yes, Sir.”
I then heard the man’s footfalls as he left me there chained in the darkness and alone. I started crying hard. I could not figure out why Master would do this to me. “Why Master? Why have you done this to your girl? What did girl do so wrong? She is sorry she did not get up this morning. She does not know what happened. Please Master. Please save me.”
I got down on my knees and felt around as best I could. My hands still tied behind my back. I found a small mattress, laid down and cried myself to sleep.

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

panic at work
girl had a very busy and stressful day at work today. she felt an almost panic. the line at the restaurant was all the way out the door for at least 30 minutes or more. there were rude customers. girl just wanted to run, hide and cry. girl considered several times about just walking out because she just could not handle it today for some reason. every time girl thought about walking out, thoughts of Master and Mistress popped into girl's brain. girl did not have permission to walk out of her job. girl did not want to get punished for walking out. girl already has enough punishments coming yet, she certainly didn't need any more. if it weren't for these thoughts of Mistress and Master girl certainly would have walked was just that bad for her today.

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mixed emotion day
girl has not felt the greatest today. her head is feeling plugged and the left ear and a bad tooth on that side is hurting too. girl has felt warm and then really cold off and on all day.but anyway, Mistress let girl take the kids into town today. girl was allowed to treat the kids to lunch and then spend a little more on other things too. we looked around in a music store and then in a video game store (they had an atari 2600 in about flashbacks to childhood, lol), then we went to Januzzi's for pizza and soda. After we ate we stopped at Barnes and Nobles. girl loves Barnes and Nobles. girl's daughter needs to read 6 books with at least 50 pages for her Book-It program at school, so girl thought this would be a good place to find her something. girl got her son a Dungeons and Dragon's game and her son told her how much he loved her. girl wandered all over the store looking for a BDSM section or any section that would come remotely close to having these books in it. girl could not find a thing. girl did find a book on the Bargain rack called One Hundred Strokes of the Brush before Bed by Melissa P. the inside cover says this book is "The Story of O" for our times. This reminded girl that she really, really, really wanted to get The Story of O book. girl had been shy about asking about BDSM books but now she marched right over to a female worker and asked right out if they had The Story of O. The woman looked it up on the computer and she said they did. hurray!! well, since girl was already there, she asked if they had any BDSM books. The woman kind of smiled just a little when girl's daughter asked what BDSM was. *giggles* The woman asked girl for any specific titles or authors. the only one girl could remember was Screw the Roses, Give me the Thorns. lol they did not have this. oh well, girl went to find the Story of O but she could not find it. girl went back to the information booth and asked a different woman. girl had been looking in the wrong spot for one thing, but this new woman also pointed out that it was on a display in the front and took girl right to it. there was only two there. girl got one and was so happy she was bubbling.when girl and her kids got home we did our hour of cleaning that Master and Mistress has assigned girl. before starting the hour girl had messaged Mistress to see if she was on but invisible. there was no reply. so girl set her alarm that she has on her computer for the hour and we all started cleaning. a while later girl gets a message from Mistress. girl continued working in between replying to Mistress a few times. after a few times girl asked Mistress if she was going to be on a while because she was doing her hour of cleaning. Mistress immediately told girl what she was doing wrong...she should not have her yahoo on and be chatting while cleaning she should only be cleaning. that's what girl was trying to do. girl asked Mistress if she was going to be on a while because girl wanted to ask Mistress if she could please be excused to finish her hour of cleaning and then chat with Mistress. this would have been a good thing had Mistress actually let girl do what she was trying to do. as it was girl did not get the chance to do right. without a word girl closed the web camera and the chat window and logged off. partly because of what Mistress said but mostly because it upset girl that Mistress did not give her the chance to do right herself.

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

more rules; more owned
girl now has more rules and more ways of being owned by Master and Mistress. girl is really not sure how she feels about some of them, but that doesn't really matter. girl had been so upset and mad at Mistress that girl at one point did not want to ever talk to Master or Mistress again. girl has known Master and Mistress for over a year and they have always been there for girl is some way or another. girl thought about it and decided she did not like the thought of Master and Mistress not being in her life.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

bad girl
girl has been a very bad slave the past few days. girl didn't mean to be, she just was. girl doesn't know how many punishments she has earned really. probably too many to count.
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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

nothing worth saying out loud
girl has nothing worth saying out loud today. she has thought and felt many things, but they are all better left only to girl.

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Monday, September 29, 2008

pulls hair out
girl is only one person and there are only 24 hours in a day. in order for girl to do everything she is to do to make everyone else happy something is going to have to give. looks like it will be the padded room and let girl in!!!!!

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thank you Master
girl had been chatting with Mistress on yahoo. Mistress had to step away for a bit. Next thing girl knows she is getting messages from Master over Mistress' yahoo. Master had been putting something on Mistress' desk and noticed something girl had said on yahoo. Master thought enough about it to comment a bit about it before he wandered off. thank you Master for noticing and commenting. it really made girl feel good that you thought what she said was something good enough to comment on like you did. girl is glad that something she said made you think and helped you understand something else a little better than you had before.girl is sure this must not make much sense to any one else, but Master and Mistress both know what girl is talking about.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Are you going to use that?
Today a friend at work was headed to the bathroom and stuck her tongue out at girl. girl immediately wanted to say something inappropriate but kept it to herself. girl wanted so desparately to ask the friend "Are you going to use that?" Just thinking that got girl to thinking about Mistress. it started thoughts of girl using her tongue on Mistress. these thoughts kept girl in a good mood, despite her sore feet, all day....and a bit horny and needy as well. *giggles* your girl thinks of you often Mistress in many ways. *licks and giggles*

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Friday, September 26, 2008

phone call with Mistress
Mistress sent girl a text message to her yahoo to call her. girl got up and got the phone and called Mistress without hesitation. Mistress was driving around looking for some cream to put on bruises to help them go away quicker. girl got to listen to her complain about there not being a health store and that she could not find it at Walmart or Walgreens. Mistress made girl laugh many times. girl almost felt like she was there with Mistress. it would have been so much more fun if girl was there. girl could even hear the ad coming from the Walgreens speakers. Mistress and Master want girl and her kids to visit over Christmas break. as long as girl has the money girl will be going. she has already talked to her employer about having the two weeks off and was told it wouldn't be a problem. girl can't wait for this trip to Master and Mistress. girl wonders what Master and Mistress will have her do. here it is three months before this happens and girl is already excited with anticipation of the vacation. so often girl feels like such a kid when thinking about Master and Mistress.

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Lessons LearnedPart 3

The man smiled at me as he sat down next to me on the fountain. He placed a hand upon my knee and I gasped. The man smiled again as he started sliding his hand up my inner thigh. I could hardly breathe. I gasped again as he pushed my knees open and slide his hand higher. My body tensed as he gently touched my pussy and started rubbing my clit. I could feel my pussy start to throb as he continued to rub my clit. My pussy was getting wet and I started to squirm a little.
The man grinned as he pushed my legs open a little further and shoved a finger into my wet, throbbing pussy. “My, my, aren’t you the wet little slut.”
“Yes, Sir,” I moaned and started to softly cry.
“It’s ok little one.” He removed his hand from my pussy and placed his finger on my lips. I parted my lips to allow his finger in so I could suck my own juices from it. A tear ran down my cheek. He reached up, wiped away the tear, and cupped my cheek. He stroked my brow with his thumb and soothed me.
He straightened my dress, covering me all up again, and pulled me to him. He held me close for a few moments and then pulled something out of his pocket. It was a blindfold. I leaned back as he started to put it on me.
“Girl,” he said, “you must obey.”
I looked into his eyes and thought of Master’s words: You are to submit to him as you do to me. I let out a little sigh and leaned close to him. “Yes, Sir.”
He wrapped the blindfold around my head a couple of times and tied it in the back. There was no light at all. Not even a little. He then took hold of my left wrist and pulled my arm behind my back. I got scared and started to pull away. He tugged on my arm as his way of telling me to knock it off. I listened. He pulled my right wrist around to meet my left wrist and tied them together tight.
I trembled not knowing what to expect. If this man started doing something to truly hurt me, I would not be able to defend myself. Part of me was terrified; yet, part of me trusted Master and knew that there was nothing to worry about.
My thoughts were quickly interrupted with the click of a leash being attached to Master’s collar that I wore proudly around my neck at all times. The man tugged on the leash and I obediently stood up. I stood up too quickly and nearly lost my balance. The man grabbed hold of me and held me up.
“Come with me, girl.” The man guided me carefully with one arm around my shoulders as he held the leash in the other hand. I had no idea if anyone was still in the park watching everything happen nor did I particularly care.
My pussy continued to throb rhythmically with each step the man lead me on the leash. Master had never led me on a leash in public and I found this to be quite exhilarating. I could feel the wind blowing through my hair and rustling at my dress blowing it open slightly. My nipples were erect and I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter.
I had no idea where we were in the park or how long we had been walking. Time had stopped for me the moment that leash clicked onto Master’s collar. For all I knew we had only walked 10 feet.
“Here we are now. Watch your head girl.” The man placed a hand on the top of my head and guided me down and into some car. The door slammed shut. The door on the other side of the car opened, someone sat next to me in the seat, and the door slammed shut.
“You know were we are going driver.” The man announced.
As the car slowly started pulling out into the flow of traffic, the took hold of my shoulders and guided me to the floor in front of him. I heard the familiar sound of a zipper being undone and tried desperately to contain my excitement.
“Open your mouth, girl,” the man said as he grabbed a handful of my hair and forced my head down into his lap.
He pushed my head all the way to the bottom of his shaft. With the full length of his penis in my throat I started to gag. He pulled my head back up and I caught my breath. He pushed my head down again and held it there for a few seconds before he yanked my head back up.
“Look at me, girl.” The man demanded. I looked up and our eyes met. “You want more don’t you, girl? You hunger for it.”
“Yes, Sir, I do hunger for it. I want more. Please, Sir, please may I have more?” I begged like I had never begged before. Not even for Master.
The man released my hair with a smile. “Look how hard you made me, girl. I think you better finish the job don’t you?”
I looked at him and smiled, “oh yes Sir.”….to be continuedPosted by slave lisbeth at 8:33 PM

Friday, October 10, 2008

Restored: thankful for Mistress

Thursday, September 25, 2008

thankful for Mistress

girl had a really busy day today. after she dropped her son off at school, she and her daughter dropped some papers off at the assistance office and then girl dropped her daughter off at school. girl came home for little while and got to chat with Mistress. Mistress helped girl find the local Aldi so she will be able to get groceries cheaper. girl was so thankful for Mistress' help. girl had looked on google and mapquest for this particular Aldi. it is only 1.61 miles from girl's apartment. girl could not find it on either one of those and it is not listed on the Aldi website either. girl also could not find it listed in the local phone book. what would this girl do without her Mistress? thank you Mistress for finding the Aldi for girl.girl then had orientation for a job. the orientation lasted 3 hours. girl then was going to have lunch but she checked her cell phone and her son had called and left 3 voice mails saying that his school had an early dismissal could girl please pick him up. by the time girl got the messages he was already home so girl just came home and picked him up and then they both went back to Old Country Buffet for lunch.After lunch girl and her son went to pick up the daughter. from there we all followed the printed directions to Aldi and wandered around in there for a while. girl didn't get much. she has food stamps coming and is waiting for them before buying too much. thank you Mistress for pushing me to remember to get the food stamps again.although girl does mess up and get punished and girl sometimes gets upset and angry with Master and Mistress (girl knows she shouldn't but she is human and still trying to learn) girl knows that they care for girl and are always looking after her best interests. thank you Mistress and Master for taking care of your girl.

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Restored: a wonderful dream

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

a wonderful dream

last night girl had a dream that she was sleeping in between Master and Mistress. Master pulled her close to him and girl snuggled in. Then Master kissed girl. girl melted away. later in the dream girl was snuggled with Mistress. then the stupid alarm went off and ruined the heavenly dream girl was having. girl work up to find no Master and no Mistress. girl was still alone. girl longs for the day that this will be a wonderful reality and no longer just a dream.

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Restored: passing slave thoughts

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

passing slave thoughts

girl really isn't sure what to write tonight. she is to post something every night about her thoughts or feelings that she had thoughout the day of Master or Mistress. There wasn't any one moment that really stands out. girl has passing thoughts of Master and Mistress all day long. girl will be at work and wondering what Master and Mistress are doing and wishing she could talk to them. girl thinks about being near them. when girl is having a stressful day like she had today she wishes she could be kneeling in between Master and Mistress and telling them about her day. girl guesses it is these passing thoughts that keep her close to Master and Mistress though we are so far apart and it is these thoughts that keep girl bound to her Owners.

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Restored: wishing girl was closer and Bedtime thoughts

Monday, September 22, 2008

wishing girl was closer

today was a day when girl wished many times that she was already with Master and Mistress. She had an interview today at Bob Evans for a Hostess position and girl has orientation on Thursday to start the job. she wished she could have called Mistress or Master and told them the news right then, but she had to wait until she got home to the computer.When girl was out before Bob Evans she checked her cell phone. girl does not leave it on since she seldom gets any calls or message on it. There were 3 mean messages from girl's 14 year old son. Last night girl's son had a major attitude. He walked by girl's daughter age 8 and he just punched her in the arm for no reason. Granted girl's daughter can usually be very annoying but at that point the daughter had done nothing to warrant the son punching her. Girl sent her son to his room. As girl's son was stomping away he said he wished girl would die.well the text messages from her son had been sent 2 last night and 1 this morning. first text was sent at 7:57 pm Either you fix things or 1 of us will die. next was at 8:27pm I do home you die because ever since your selfish decision my life has been a living hell. you have successfully ruined my life and future. i hope your happy. then this morning at 743am i apologize for the other messages you are my mom it is your job to ruin my life and i understand that.when girl read these messages all she wanted was to be able to talk to Master or Mistress. girl was so upset she wanted to cry but just didn't. girl wanted nothing more than to be able to talk to one of them. to just be able to cry and even better for one or both of them to just hold me and make it all better.sometimes girl thinks about how similar being a slave is to being a child. girl wonders if being a better slave will help her be a better mom since she is apparently not doing so well.


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Bedtime thoughts

this was written in my physical journal before going to sleep last night at 10:49pm.this girl did something very bad and wrong tonight. She argued with Mistress. Mistress told girl to d her punishment kneeling with the plug, dildo and clothes pins for the 10 minutes and then go take a shower to help girl relax for the night. girl started arguing that with all she had on her to-do list she really didn't have time to relax. while girl was arguing with Mistress she was working on thngs that needed to be done too.....emails to Mistress and Master, checking her college classes, working on her to-do list for tomorrow.girl was already a bit upset that Mistress added yet another thing to girl's daily to-do list. now girl has to post a daily blog entry about girl's thoughts and feelings she has throughout the day about Mistress and Master. So when Mistress told girl to stop what she was so frantically trying to get done to go relax in the shower, it got to girl even more.girl and Mistress got into it and girl ended up leaving the computer and set her online status to kneeling, shower and bed. Mistress replied while girl was kneeling. When girl checked it, Mistress had replied that she had not told girl to go to bed but to return back to her.girl was so mad at Mistress that kneeling did not even calm her like it usually does. After her kneeling girl got a shower, but it did not relax her one bit. for girl a shower is to get in, get clean and get out. always rush. always something to get done.girl got out of the shower and returned to the computer not really any calmer than she was before she left it.girl did apologize to Mistress for arguing with her. girl aso told Mistress that lately the thing that relaxes girl most is chatting with Mistress or Master --- with the exception of when girl is getting in punished or lectured.girl is not really sure how or why but the rest of the night girl and Mistress had a nice evening chatting, at least girl things so anyway. girl is also not sure how or why, but girl feels closer to Mistress tonight after what happened. seems kind of odd.

I am slave
I am owned
I obey
I am to please

girl must remember this at all times.


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Restored: slave thougts at work

Sunday, September 21, 2008

slave thoughts at work

I did my kneeling this morning as instructed by Mistress. Black plug humming in my behind, new insertable dildo buzzing in Mistress’ pussy, clothes pins attatched for the first 15 minutes. I was unable to hold back any feeling after the first 10-15 minutes. I started getting very squirming and very needy for Mistress. At the end of the 30 minutes Mistress’ pussy was very wet. Girl could hardly stand it she felt so needy but she did not cum nor did she do anything other than what she was told.As girl stands here at work writing this she can still feel the tingles in her owner’s pussy reminding her of who and what she is yet again. At this moment (8:47am) girl wishes she could curl up at Mistress’ feet, kiss her toes and fall asleep.

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Restored: Story: Lessons Learned Part 2

Friday, September 19, 2008

Story: Lessons Learned Part 2

Lessons Learned

Part 2

As I walked through the park toward the fountain in the middle, I scanned every face for the man that might be waiting for me. Why was I searching? I had no idea who I was looking for. I did not know his face. Yet, like a nervous school girl, or in this case slave girl, I searched the many faces.

As I walked down the sidewalk my heels clicked with confidence. I took a deep breath and held my head up with pride knowing that I was obeying Master’s commands. A brisk breeze swept over my nipples, teasing them and making them perk up. As I drew closer to the fountain, an awareness swept over me that I was feeling something, but was it fear or excitement.

When I reached the fountain in the middle of the park, I gracefully sat upon the edge just enough to be sitting and then turned with my right side toward the middle of the fountain. A wind blew in under the ruffles around the bottom of my dress and blew it wide open to one side. The unexpected breeze sent tingles throughout my body and my pussy throbbed with anticipation.I glanced up and noticed a gentleman sitting on a bench across from me. I gave him a flirty little smile and left my dress as it had been blown open. I opened my book and pretended to start reading. I glanced up and smiled at the man again before fixing my dress.

The moments passed and I had flipped through many pages in my book without remembering whether I had actually read them or not. I could feel the sun warming my skin and the slight breezing whispering in my hair. I looked around to see if I could tell what time it was. I could not.The man from the bench was now gone. The children that had been playing near by had drifted away to parts unknown. There were a few picnickers scattered here and there under shade trees. A short distance away was a food vendor. In all the confusion this morning I had not taken the time to eat.

As if on cue my stomach rumbled as if telling me to chase down the vendor and eat. I closed my book and stood up. I took one step and stopped. I stood there trying to decide if I should leave the fountain or not.

Master had told me to sit at the fountain and wait. Surely, Master would not want his girl to go without eating would he? I could hear Master in my head, “Girl, you should have eaten before you left the house. Now sit back down and wait as you were told.”

“Yes, Master,” I replied out loud and resumed my position at the side of the fountain.

I set the book aside and started running my finger around in the water. I started daydreaming as I watched the swirls I was making. I was imagining who the man was that was coming for me. Did he have dark hair or light hair? Was he short or tall or somewhere in between? What was this man going to do to me? Maybe he would tie me up in a dark place and leave me there and not return. No, Master would not allow a man that would do that. Was this man going to use me for his pleasures? Would he grab me by the hair and force me to suck his cock? Perhaps he would restrain me and use all my holes so hard I could hardly catch my breath. Perhaps…….

“Lost in pleasant thought, dear girl?”

I slowly opened my eyes to find a handsome dark haired gentleman handing me a rose. My pussy was already wet from my daydreaming, but now it throbbed so hard I nearly lost my breath.

I blushed and replied, “Yes, Sir.”

To be continued…….

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Restored: The Story of L

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Story of L
The Story of L’s Night

Since this girl has to do a better story because the one she wrote last night was not worthy enough, she has decided to write about what happened to her after writing the story. I guess for those that don’t know what happened before the very, very short story was written, I should start jump a bit ahead first.Last night this girl was having a very fun and wonderful chat with Master. Master had girl laughing so hard it’s a wonder she didn’t start crying. Master had heard on the radio about some place that was turning human waste into fuel. Master found something about it and sent girl the link to the page. From there on Master and girl were making all kinds of poo jokes back and forth. It was the most girl had laughed in a while. Girl enjoys Master’s sense of humor…even if it is on a crappy topic. *giggles*Girl’s son came in and Master saw him in her webcam. Master said something about there being the future cowboy. Master said this because of the possibility of girl and her kids moving to Alabama to be with Master and Mistress. Master has horses and has said that if girl and the kids move down then at some point we will all have horses too. Girl mentioned Master’s comment to her son and explained what Master had meant. Girl’s son immediately got an attitude and stomped out of the room saying, “I am NOT moving to Alabama.”Well, girl’s mood changed very quickly from laughing and cracking shitty jokes *giggles* to nearly in tears. Seems to girl that her son doesn’t think she should be happy. Has he forgotten that girl’s life was most together over the past few years when she was under Master’s guidance last year? Does girl’s son not want his mother to be happy? At that point last night girl felt more alone than she had in a very long time. It seemed to her that she would have to wait for what would seem an eternity before she could pursue what truly made her happy. If she had to wait, she would surely lose her true slave self that she had so recently and deliciously discovered.Girl was to have a story written for Mistress by Friday night. Girl was not feeling well that night and Mistress was kind enough to permit girl an extension and told girl to go to bed and rest. This story was to have been done last night. Girl had been trying to work on her story while she was chatting with Master, but she was having way too much fun to concentrate. Then when girl’s son gave her attitude the mood she was in would not allow her to write anything worth reading. She could not get her mind off what her son had said and that is why the very, very short story of The Lonely Slave Girl came out.Girl was hoping Mistress would understand how she was feeling and accept what she had written. Girl was almost sure that Mistress would not but was hoping like crazy that Mistress would. When Mistress had told girl that she HAD to have a story done regardless of how she was feeling Mistress disappeared. That was before girl wrote the very, very short story. When the very, very short story was done, girl sent it to Mistress and hoped for some kind of reply but got nothing.Girl was still very upset not just about her son but also because of Mistress making her write a story when girl was in the wrong frame of mind to do so. Girl waited until around 11:00pm wishing Mistress would come back and say something….anything…even if it was to just bitch.Girl gave up wishing and went to lie down. Girl sleeps chained at night, not because she is told to, but because she likes to. Last night girl did not chain herself when she laid down. She did not feel like it, she did not want it. Girl lay there crying still hoping Mistress would come back. Girl had turned her speakers up full blast so she could hear if Mistress messaged her. No message came.Girl could not sleep so she got up. Girl doesn’t know if she was supposed to get up or not but she did. She sat at the computer and decided she needed something to set her mind back to right again. She watched The Story of O.Girl remembers the first time she watched The Story of O. The movie absolutely captivated her. She sat in silence with tears running down her face watching O’s journey. After watching it that first time, girl had asked her Master at that time to chain her while sleeping at night. As girl stated, she now loves sleeping that way. Somehow it makes her feel safe and more at peace.As girl watched The Story of O last night (girl’s second time to watch it) she was just as wrapped up in O’s story as she was the first time or perhaps even more so. Girl imagined herself in O’s place at times and girl soon realized she had not behaved properly towards Mistress and she would apologize to Mistress when she talked to her again.It was now 1:30am and way past girl’s bedtime. She laid down naked with the fan blowing on her from behind her. She reached down and grabbed her chain and clipped it together around her neck where it belonged. She then wrapped the chain around each wrist as though her they were bound together near her neck.Just wrapping the chain did not suit girl one bit. The chain kept coming loose and it was starting to be a little annoying. Girl pawed around in the dark and unclipped the other end of the chain that was attached to a chest on the floor. She removed the clip from the end of the chain and somehow managed to clip the chain around both wrist together so the chain would not slip again. Girl then curled up on her side hugging her sheets.The chain touched girl’s lips and girl kissed it and touched it with the tip of her tongue. She opened her mouth slightly and ran it down a small length of the chain. Girl then kissed it again and imagined Mistress and Master had just chained her and were there watching her. Girl started to feel tingles all over and her pussy was throbbing and getting wetter and wetter. Girl just laid there in pleasant torture and happily moaned herself to sleep.Because it was so late when girl went to sleep last night she slept a little later this morning. She did not have time to do her kneeling before work but vowed that she would do it as soon as she got home this afternoon. When girl got up there was a message from Mistress glaring from her screen. Mistress was not happy and wasn’t nice. Girl’s attitude got the better of her and she soon forgot what O’s journey had shown her last night. Girl got upset with Mistress and sent her a message back that unfortunately was not lacking attitude.Girl thought about everything while she was at work this morning. She had taken a notebook with her so she could start a new story for Mistress. Today was a very busy day at work and girl did not get any spare moments to write anything, but she never stopped thinking about all that had happened and she thought back to O many times.On girl’s way home she reminded herself that she still needed to do her kneeling. When she got home she got undressed and got into the shower. She shaved all necessary parts and without drying off after her shower she went to her corner to do her kneeling.In girl’s kneeling corner she has two copies of the Slave Mantra…one for Master and one for Mistress. Girl knelt there naked and dripping from the shower and she started reading the Mantra out loud. Only instead of reading the entire thing like she usually does, her mind only let her read every other line. I am slave. I am owned. I obey. I am to please. The more girl read these, the more she cried.Girl had to remove her glasses due to the tears. Girl could feel the tears running from the corners of her eyes. The tears ran down under her chin, down her neck and between her breasts. Girl chanted those same lines over and over and over realizing yet again that she had not obeyed and had not been pleasing. She could only hope that Mistress would forgive her.

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Restored: very, very short story and Restless Sleep

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Very, very short story: The Lonely Slave Girl

There was once a girl with the heart of a slave. She yearned every day for a Master or Mistress to own her. It was a need in her to please and to serve in any way she could. But alas, this lonely slave girl found herself many miles away from any one that cared. She lived in a city she could not relate to. The only ones she had was her two children. All they cared about was what they wanted or didn’t want. They never thought about what would make there momma happy, nor did they care. The fire of the slave girl’s heart slowly started to fade and burn away. She could not find her happiness while doing what she could to ensure her children’s happiness. For all she did for them, they were still never happy.

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Restless Sleep

Because I wasn't feeling well last night, Mistress let me go to bed early without sending my daily emails or having my next installment of my story done. I asked permission to play with the pussy that now belongs to her and Master and to be able to cum in hopes that it would relax me enough to be able to sleep regardless of my horrible headache. Mistress told me it was ok.I tormented Mistress' pussy and came hard twice. I should have been sleeping like a baby, but I could not. Mistress, Master and I had been talking about them owning me and how they have decided to send me a collar. This thought alone kept spinning through my brain keeping me awake. The thought of being owned by Mistress and Master kept echoing in my head and in my heart. It should have been enough by itself to lull me into dreamland; however, the more I thought about it, the more my owned pussy began to tingle. My slave thoughts would not allow me to sleep. I played some more and came hard two more times. I was so tired and felt so peaceful. I held the chain around my neck in my hand, snuggled into the sheets that I hug at night and imagined I was snuggled up close to Mistress and Master. I was finally able to get a couple of hours sleep.Dispite my lack of sleep, I was up at 530 this morning to do my 15 minutes of kneeling with the clothes pins attached to my nipples. Since I still had plenty of time before work, I wanted to get this typed and posted.Thank you Mistress and Master for owning this girl. She promises to do her best to always please you.

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Restored: Random Thoughts and Rice

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Random Thoughts

Mistress is sick with pneumonia and hasn't been on much the past couple of days. Although I do understand completely, I do still miss spending time with Her. I am very glad that I can at times chat with Master during the day when He is at work.I do hope that Mistress and Master know that although I did mess up and not do my kneeling Tuesday morning as I was told, I am committed to them and to doing what is necessary. I do make mistakes...perhaps at times too many.I am wondering if there is more I can do to show Mistress and Master how serious I am about belonging to them and being committed only to them. How can I prove this to them? Do I wait for them to give me more instructions that give them more control? Do I find ways on my own to show that I want to give more to them and am willing to put forth more effort?

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Tuesday night as punishment for not doing my morning kneeling, Master had me kneel on uncooked rice. I was to kneel for 15 minutes, take a 15 minute break and then kneel on the rice for 15 more minutes.The first 15 minutes were horrible. It didn't take long at all for the rice to hurt my knees. It felt like it could have drawn blood. This was my first experience kneeling on rice. I cried hard through almost the entire 15 minutes.Sobbing uncontrollably, I messaged Master and begged to not have to do the next 15 minutes. It already hurt and I knew I would not make it for another 15 minutes. Master told me I had to do the next 15 minutes.Mad, upset and hurting I knelt back down on the rice. Instantly the rice cut in and the pain started where it had left off when i was done with the first 15 minutes. I could not do the entire 15 minutes. I pushed myself to do the 10 minutes that I did do.I took pictures of my knees and sent them to Master as he had instructed and also set one as my wallpaper on my computer. It is a constant reminder to do as I am told or face whatever consequence Master or Mistress may have in store for me.I have not missed my kneeling these past 2 days since having to kneel on the rice. I do not intend to miss it again. Master said if I do, then it is back on the rice for an additional 15 minutes with no breaks in between for a total of 45 minutes. This girl would never make it for that long.

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Restored: Head hung in shame

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Head hung in shame

My head has been hung in shame since this morning, but it is even more so now that I have told Mistress that I did not make the time to do my kneeling today. I slept as long as I could this morning before taking the kids to school. After I got home I still wasn't feeling well, so I went back to bed for as long as I could before getting ready and leaving for work.I have not felt well all day. I actually haven't felt well for the past few days. This is still no excuse. I am realizing this more and more. I am beginning to wonder if there is something wrong with me.Mistress and Master have been good to me since the day we all met, even through the troubles we had. I need desparately to try harder to please them and do all they require and ask of me. I finally have the opportunity to earn what I have wanted since last truly belong to both of them. So why do I keep messing up? Why am I not putting forth more effort?I am promising myself, as well as Mistress and Master, that I will do better. I will start getting up and doing my kneeling before the kids get up. I will put forth more effort to make sure all emails and tasks are done on time. I will find a way to remember my place as slave to Mistress and Master both.I do not want them disappointed with me. I do not want to mess this up. Mistress and Master are very dear to this girl and she wishes with all her heart to truly belong to them for a very long time.

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Restored: Story: Lessons Learned Part 1

Friday, September 5, 2008

Story: Lessons Learned Part 1

Lessons LearnedPart 1

I awoke this morning in a panic. What time was it? Where was Master? I jumped out of bed and started running out the bedroom door toward the living room to see if Master was still home. In my panic I had forgotten to unhook the chain from my collar and was quickly jerked backwards onto the bed. With tears starting to form in my eyes, I unhooked my chain and dashed for the living room.

“Master,” I yelled. There was no answer. “Master, please be here.” There was only silence.

My heart sank as the realization of what was to come hit me. I dropped to the floor sobbing uncontrollably. How could this have happened? I know I set and turned on my alarm last night. Why did I not hear my alarm? Why did I not hear Master’s alarm?

My mind was racing. My heart was beating rapidly. The entire morning ritual did not happen this morning. I failed to get up with Master. I failed to make his lunch for work. I failed to suck Master’s cock before he stepped out the door. I failed miserably this morning. Why? How? I could only imagine the punishment I would get for this.

Tears ran from my eyes and dripped off my nose onto the floor as I slowly crawled to the bathroom for my shower. I had already disappointed Master. It was time to accept that and get on with my day. My daily chore list was waiting for me on the kitchen table and I did not want to disappoint Master any further.

I turned the shower on and stepped into the warm spray. The water mingled with my tears and washed them down the drain. I let the warm water run down my back, trickle down the soft skin of my behind and down the back of my leg. I turned to let the stream beat down on my tender nipples. Master had used a crop on my nipples last night until they were too sore to touch; now each drop that hit sent a tingle of pleasant pain through me right down to my quivering pussy. Oh, how I needed Master’s touch right now.

The shower was refreshing and helped calm me down from my morning panic. However, I now had the incredible need to feel sweet release. Regardless of how things got messed up this morning or how needy I was for Master’s touch, I had to make sure I got my chores done before Master arrived home from work. No need adding more to the punishment I already had coming.
After drying off, I put on my black “work at home” dress and headed to the kitchen table to read over the chore list Master and I had written down last night. As I approached the kitchen table I could already tell something wasn’t the same. The paper was different. Instead of the regular notebook paper the list is usually written on this was a pale blue sheet of printer paper. My hand trembled as I reached for the paper. My panic was back.

Written in Master’s handwriting was the following:

Good morning girl.Instead of your regular chores today, I have made other arrangements. Get yourself dressed up, do your hair and your make up. You are to look your best. Absolutely no bra or panties. You are to be completely accessible. You are to go to the park in the middle of town and sit on the edge of the fountain in the middle.. When a man comes to you and hands you a rose, you are to do whatever he tells you to do. You are to submit to him as you do to me. Do not let me down girl.

All I could do was stand there with my mouth hanging open. This just could not be from Master. Master would not just send me to some other man alone. Was Master really this mad at me for not getting up with him this morning? My mind raced until I felt like I was going to pass out. What was I going to do?

I looked at the note from Master. I wanted to cry, but instead I took a deep breath and said to myself, “I am going to do as I was told.”

I went back to the bedroom and found Master’s favorite dress and put it on. I carefully applied my makeup just the way Master would like. I sprayed a touch of Master’s favorite perfume on and slipped into Master’s favorite shoes.

I went back to the table to read Master’s note again. It did not specify a time. How am I to know what time to be there? I decided that since Master had no other chore for me to do, it would be best to just go to the designated spot and wait how ever long was necessary. I grabbed a book and headed out the door.

To be continued…….

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restored: clothes pins for Mistress

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

clothes pins for Mistress

Mistress has requested that I start a blog here. I am required to post at least 2 blog entries a week. I will also be required to post a story here once a week. Tonight seems like a good night to start.Mistress had me kneel naked for 15 minutes tonight with clothes pins on my nipples. At the end of the 15 minutes I was to take a picture, send it to Mistress in an email and then remove the close pins.I grabbed my camera and clothes pins and went to kneel. Before starting my time, I turned on the camera. Nothing but a little red light blinking at me. Dang it. I go into panic mode.I put the camera down and attach the clothes pins on my nipples after removing my nightie. I knelt on the floor where I could keep track of time. I started looking around the room while kneeling there wondering if there was anything that might have batteries that would fit in the camera. After only a few minutes not only was I in a panic over the camera but I was also unable to sit still because of the clothes pins. It was really creating an urgent need in me. I knelt there wiggling, in a panic still looking franticlly around. I didn't want to disappoint Mistress by not having a camera to take the picture she requested.After kneeling with the clothes pins on for 15 minutes, i was feeling like my nipples would fall off, I was so excited i couldn't stand it and i was in such a panic i couldn't think straight. I found some batteries (thank god), took a few pictures, removed the clothes pins, put my nightie back on and sat back down at the computer.Mistress saw me sit down because i had my webcam on. She asked me what she had told me to do. With all my panic, i had forgotten that i was to leave the pins on until after I had sent the pictures. Mistress made me put the clothes pins back on for another 5 minutes.I felt so bad that i had messed up. I hate messing up. I hate being a disappointment.Mistress has decided to make the kneeling with clothes pins on a daily thing. Not entirely sure how i feel about it, but at least I know the camera is working right now. lol
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