Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Long overdue update

Things didn't work out with the Master and His girl. There were just too many issues all around so things ended. That is all this girl will say about that.

This girl has been under consideration by Master Onyx since November 12, 2008. she met Master on imvu.com and was to be His there. things were quickly moved to just online which included anything online related. as Master and girl talked it was agreed that this girl would belong to Him beyond online as well.

Master does already have a slave/wife. this one does worry that things will turn out like they did with the previous Master. girl has talked to Master Onyx about this. Master understands why girl feels this way and if at any time He feels that things aren't going to go well He will say so. Master keeps talking to His slave/wife about it. this girl thinks as long as everyone is open and honest things will work out fine.

Master sends girl a daily schedule for her to follow. so far this seems to be working fairly well. there have been things that have messed the schedule up a bit but things have worked out in the end regardless.

girl is very grateful she found Master. He is helping her through a rough spot in her life and keeping her on track with schoolwork and housework. girl honestly doesn't know what she would do without Him right now. Knowing that Master will be online at a certain time and that girl is to meet Him gives her something to look forward to several times a day.

today girl went after some groceries. the store was very busy. her anxiety got the better of her and by the time she was done shopping all she wanted to do was cry. she spent the rest of the afternoon feeling that way but knew that everything would be ok once she got to talk to Master about it.

thank You Master for being there for this girl. she appreciates You more than You know.

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