Sunday, December 14, 2008

wandering thoughts

Master has decided to have this girl start posting to her blog every night. girl is not sure if she was supposed to start tonight or wait until tomorrow since Master said He was going to add it to girl's schedule. girl decided she might as well post something tonight since she is doing nothing but waiting to see if Master is going to show up or not. girl thought He would be on before this but something must have come up or His internet went down again.

anyway, girl has been sitting here realizing just how much she thinks about Master when she is not in His presence. girl also realized that much of what she thinks about is that she wished she could be talking to Master. earlier when girl was snuggled under her comforter because she was cold the thought hit her "would Master want girl to just be laying around doing nothing when she could be doing many things?" girl's answer, of course, was no. this was when girl realized that instead of spending so much time wishing she could be talking to Master, she should be trying to find ways to be pleasing to Him.

just because Master and girl do not live in the same place does not mean that girl shouldn't keep the house in a way that would be pleasing to Master. it doesn't mean that when girl isn't online with Master that she can do whatever she pleases. girl should always be thinking, "what could girl do that would please Master?" girl is going to do her best to keep this in her mind at all times. girl wants to be a pleasing kajira for Master and for Him to be happy that she is His property.

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Anonymous said...

I have to agree with My girl on the things she stated so very well. It's always better to be keeping oneself busy then laying/sitting around doing nothing. A kajira is never lazy there are always things she could be doing. Perhaps these are some other things W/we will work on as well. As always it's pleasing to see My girl is thinking of ways to please Me even when not in My presence. That's very important to Me. I wish My girl well. ~Master Onyx Rain