Wednesday, December 17, 2008

what girl has learned so far

Last night on imvu Master gave this girl a new collar. girl has now gone from "under consideration" to "in training". Master asked girl is she had learned anything in the month and 4 days that she has belonged to Him. girl said yes so tonight she has to post what she has learned in her blog.

Master has owned girl since November 12, 2008. girl has learned that she worries too much and thinks too negatively. she knows this because Master tells her so all the time. Master is trying to help girl to not be so negative. girl has a long way to go but she knows that with Master's help and encouragement it can be done.

girl has learned that when Master says something He means it. if Master says He is going to do something, He does it. if Master tells girl to stop doing something, girl had better stop.

the most important thing this girl has learned is that she is very lucky to belong to Master. Master cares about His girl even at times when she may not deserve it. Master is this girl's guiding light. He is helping girl find her way. even though girl falls short over and over, Master is still there guiding her path.

thank You Master for being this girl's beacon in the dark. thank You for owning this girl and allowing her to submit herself to You.

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