Tuesday, December 16, 2008

why doesn't this girl do right

girl's last post mentioned that she should be thinking about ways to please Master even when not in His presence. Master even commented on girl's post saying how please He was with girl. since that post girl still hasn't followed her schedule like she is supposed to.

today instead of following her schedule, girl studied her algebra. girl has been having difficulties with graphing and figured out that she had missed something back in chapter 3 and we are now on chapter 8. so girl had to go back and redo chapter 3 which did make chapter 8 a bit easier to understand. this was all girl did today was work on studying her algebra. girl was working on it this morning and fell asleep. she ended up sleeping right through her time with Master. girl felt so bad that she missed Master and even worse that she failed Master by not showing up.

Master has given girl the daily task of reading for 30 minutes from Book 1 of the Gor series, Tarnsman of Gor. girl read Chapter 1 yesterday and made sure she read Chapter 2 today.

if girl knows what she should be doing, why doesn't she do it? studying the algebra was important today but girl should have made sure she was ready for Master when He wanted her. plus Master takes the time to make girl's schedule for her and she hasn't been following it. girl does try and some days are better than others. girl just doesn't understand why she doesn't do right when she knows what she should be doing. girl also doesn't understand why Master keeps her when she keeps failing so horribly.

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