Wednesday, January 21, 2009

confusing feelings

girl asked Mistress today if it was wrong or bad to still love Master and still miss Him. Mistress said no it isn't. Mistress said She still loves and misses Him as well. this led to us talking about Him all the more. we decided to visit His imvu page and Mistress left Him a message. Master ended up inviting Mistress to chat but She told Him She was busy with girl. girl told Mistress to go ahead and invite Him if She wanted. girl wanted to hate Him and give Him a hug at the same time. we all chatted for a while and girl felt ready to gouge His eyes out a little...just enough to hurt. Mistress had to leave so Master left. girl told Mistress she never wanted to speak to Him again.

after a couple of minutes the more girl thought about it the more she really wanted to give Master a piece of her mind and ask Him a couple of things. girl invited Him to chat. girl had every intention of telling Him off and asking Him to just leave girl and Mistress alone and to even block us both. that was girl's intention....honest. she just couldn't do it. girl still loves Master even though she wishes she didn't.

this all really confuses girl. Mistress and girl might go back to Master but girl worries about what all that will mean...what all will change?

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