Monday, January 19, 2009

funny how things turn out sometimes

so much has happened since girl last entries....bad and good.

girl had been training with Mistress Maggy while owned by Master Onyx. girl was to have no contact with Master during this time. girl ended up missing Him so much that Mistress Maggy noticed it was effecting girl negatively. She told Master about it and told Him He could talk to girl whenenver He wanted. Master chose to ignore girl instead. this hurt girl terribly. how could He ignore girl when she was hurting so much?

many things were going on in Master's House on imvu. Master decided to create new accounts. He ended up leaving many people behind including 3 of His own kajira. Master took this girl, Mistress Maggy and one other girl with Him. we all created new accounts with new names. this girl had had her account for nearly two years. Master wanted girl to delete her account and girl did so without hesitation.

Master continued to do things that made girl feel that He no longer cared about girl or any one. no matter what girl did or said was wrong and she kept getting into trouble. Master no longer wanted to know what girl was thinking or feeling. every time girl tried to tell Master how she was feeling He told her she was only thinking of herself.

girl ended up feeling like she was hurting Master all the time. He would get upset with girl and just leave the conversation. girl felt like she was hurting Mistress Maggy and Master's other girl. girl didn't want to hurt anyone. girl didn't want to hurt anyone any more so she left Master.

Mistress Maggy was no longer allowed to talk to girl. girl understood it was because Master Onyx had told Her she couldn't. girl was now alone on imvu in a new account with a name that Master had picked out for her.

a couple of days later, Mistress Maggy contacted girl on yahoo. girl was very surprised that She would do this against Master's wishes. Mistress thought Master was wrong for the way He had treated girl and how He turned His back on girl when she needed Him most. girl and Mistress talked for a bit and girl said she wouldn't mind if Mistress owned her. we talked about that a bit. Mistress ended up leaving Master and now owns girl.

Mistress already seems to care more than Master ever did. She is very loving and calls girl Her sunshine because girl brightens Her day. Mistress also owns girl outside of imvu. She made girl a set schedule which girl was allowed to discuss with Her. girl has been very happy so far being owned by Mistress Maggy. it was certainly an expected turn of events but a most pleasant one.

isn't it funny how things turn out sometimes?

thank You Mistress for caring about this girl. girl grows fonder of You every day. girl knows that she will be able to blossom and grow under Your love and guidance.

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