Friday, January 23, 2009

a very happy kajira

this girl is so very happy. it feels so wonderful to be back with Master and Mistress both together. we all seem to be so connected and family like. girl was a bit upset earlier this evening when Mistress reminded us all that girl had to get back to her schedule so we had to end our conversation. girl didn't want it to end. she was in pure heaven. girl got over being upset though...for the most part. *giggles* Master said we would be celebrating tonight and that makes girl very excited. girl is hoping that Master will allow us to stay up later so we can celebrate longer.

girl worries about saying or doing the wrong thing and upsetting Master again like she did before she left Him. girl did not mean to hurt Him before and certainly doesn't want to again. we have all be through more than enough hurt. it is time for us to all help each other heal.

girl is not sure what kind of relationship she will have with larisa (she only belongs to Master). things have been very stressed between her and girl since girl met Master 2 months ago. girl is truly unsure how she feels about larisa. guess time will tell.

*does a happy dance* now if girl could just get her kids to stop fighting and calling each other names girl would have nothing more to wish for.

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