Tuesday, January 20, 2009

trying to get on track

girl is still trying to get back on track after all the stress that happened with Master Onyx. Mistress has a set schedule for girl that will be the same week after week. yesterday girl got up late. then girl and both her kids had a doctor's appointment. girl got results from some bloodwork she had done. girl's bad cholesteral is too high and her good cholesteral is too low. the doctor put girl on some medication for it (joy joy more pills to take) and gave girl a diet plan. (again joy joy) guess girl shouldn't complain too much. girl wanted to change her eating habits anyway...she just didn't want a doctor telling her she had to.

so after the doctor's appointment we stopped for lunch at Arby's. (yes, girl knows. she just got told not to eat that food.) after Arby's we went to Walmart to go to the pharmacy. the kids needed their hair cut so while girl wanted for the prescriptions girl got the kids on the list at the salon in Walmart. After picking up the meds and the hair cuts all done it was time to get a few things.....a kitchen garbage can, notebooks for girl's two new classes that started yesterday, mechanical pencils.

finally we got home. girl's day was totally shot and she was feeling exhausted. girl was late meeting Mistress for our 3pm chat. Mistress could tell how tired girl was and told girl to go take a nap. girl did not argue. she really needed it.

this morning girl's alarm did not go off so girl was again up 45minutes late. girl did her kneeling, got Elsa around for school and then girl and Maverick headed to the hospital for bloodwork. it was really cold out this morning at 830am but it was only a couple of blocks and did girl and her son both some good. we had to wait for a while but total time waiting in all areas and getting everything done was a little less than an hour.

girl HATES needles but knows that if she lets them freak her out it will hurt more and will take longer. well, Maverick, who is 14 freaked out. it took 3 of them to get his blood. he had tears in his eyes as we walked down to have breakfast at the hospital cafeteria.

we both ended up eating more than we should have. we were not expecting such large portions but it was really good and will probably be the last time either of us have such a large and good breakfast.

after the breakfast we walked back home and got in the car to go to Aldi's for some groceries. apples, oranges, bananas, romaine lettuce, whole wheat bread, rice cakes, baby carrots, skim milk and a 3 tier steamer that will come in handy

when girl got home she tried to get started on her schedule but again she felt exhausted. girl took her nap at 11 instead of at 1. girl needed it and felt much better when she got up. she quickly got to work on her schoolwork as scheduled and completed the assignment due today. she has two assignments due on thursday started.

we all had dinner and girl got the dishes and kitchen cleaned up and worked on straightening up the living room.

all day girl has been worried about what kind of punishment she is going to get from Mistress. girl wishes she didn't feel so exhausted. sometimes she just feels a little tired but then other times she feels so exhausted that she can barely think straight or keep her eyes open. girl doesn't like disappointing Mistress and she certainly doesn't like getting punished.

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