Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day Two with Miss Maggy

after girl's time with Miss Maggy last night girl got ready for bed. girl clipped her chain to her collar and did her 10 minutes of kneeling. girl doesn't know why but she has a difficult time just kneeling there. after just a couple of minutesgirl starts to rock or fidget. girl realizes what she is doing and againt ries to refocus. girl recites the slave mantra somtimes or sings a little song girl made up to the turn of Jesus love Me: "Master loves girl this she knows, for her Master tells her so. this slave girl to Him belongs. she is weak but He is strong. yes Master loves girl, yes Master loves girl, yes Master loves girl, her Master tells her so." it helps girl but girl still feels she is missing something that she should be doing during this time.

girl was tired when she got in bed last night but not ready to sleep. girl played a word search game on her DS. Master allows girl to either do some word game or read but nothing else and girl has to stay in bed. It didn't take girl long to get tired enough to sleep. girl curled up in her warm comforter imagining that it was Master holding her close and with her chain clutched in her hand, girl drifted off to sleep.

girl got up on time this morning. she did her 10 minutes kneeling with her chain on. girl could not eat breakfast this morning since she had to fast for bloodwork so girl got online. Miss Maggy was on so girl and Miss chatted for a while. it was on girl's schedule to go to the hospital to get her bloodwork done at 10am. since girl was feeling kind of sick since she could not eat, Miss let girl go back to bed for a while after the kids left for school.

girl set her alarm so she would be up and out the door to the hospital at 10am. the alarm went off and for some reason girl turned it off and fell right back to sleep. when girl woke up it was almost 11am. first thing out of girl's mouth when she saw the time was "fuck". girl knew she had messed up. girl hurried around and walked the couple of blocks to the hospital. girl had never been to the hospital before and had to ask where everything was. girl got her blood drawn (girl hates needles). then girl had to have an ekg. girl was out of there by noon.

girl walked to McDonald's for lunch. it would have been closer for girl to just go home but it did girl some good to get out in the air and go for a little walk. girl thought about Master and worried about her punishment for leaving an hour late.

when girl got home it was going on 1pm. girl got on yahoo and let Miss know she was back from the hospital and told Miss that she had messed up. Miss said she would think of a suitable punishment for girl and let her know later. Miss said she would also take into consideration that girl was honest about it, that even though girl was late that it did not mess up the rest of girl's schedule at all. Miss then let girl take a nap until 3pm. girl was thankful for that. girl was tired.

girl got up a little before 3 and met Miss on yahoo. Master had posted a message in the House group about Miss working with girl. girl was happy to see this. girl didn't want the sisters thinking wrong about her. Miss allowed girl to post a thank you to Master in the group. girl got to be on imvu and see a couple of her sisters for a while with Miss. When Miss and girl went back to yahoo Miss told girl what her punishment was to be. Miss had girl kneel with the web cam on so She could watch girl. girl had to kneel for 5 minutes....smiling. this was really hard for girl. how can one smile when they know what they are doing is for a punishment? girl did her best and made it through the 5 minutes.

girl was then sent to work on her schedule. girl multitasked and got things done sooner than she scheduled. girl saw Miss online and told Miss and asked if girl could get on early. Miss said that would be fine.

Miss saw Master come on yahoo and was going to ask Him to join Her and girl. Miss could not get through to Master on yahoo or imvu. girl was so excited that she was going to get to see Master but Miss never did get through to Him. now it is time for girl to go and get ready for bed.

girl misses You Master and is thinking of You always. girl wants to be the best kajira she can be for You.

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