Saturday, January 24, 2009

an off day

girl has had an off day all day. she didn't sleep well at all last night. girl was very restless for some reason. girl got up an hour late this morning. she was still very tired and her arms ached and felt heavy. Mistress allowed girl to go back to bed this morning because of how she was feeling. try as she might girl still didn't get much sleep. the phone rang and girl's daughter kept waking her up. so girl gave up trying to sleep. girl did some school work and talked to Mistress. girl went after some groceries. girl just feels so exhausted today. more so than some days. it is a constant thing lately. bloodwork showed no reason for the tiredness. girl doesn't know what it is. it really worries girl. it also worries girl that she often feels so tired that she won't stick to her schedule and get punished. girl tries hard. some days are better than others. girl just does her best and takes it one day at a time.

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