Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year/New Beginnings

things got all straightened out on IMVU. all the girls in Master's House there are getting along and Master has allowed this girl to chat with all of them on yahoo since Master doesn't allow girl on IMVU without Him. girl is so very grateful that Master has allowed this.

girl and her kids went away for Christmas. we all went back to girl's familys for a week. we left the tuesday before Christmas. we stayed at girl's brothers for a couple of nights. girl got sick Christmas morning and did not get to enjoy Christmas dinner. then girl's daughter got sick after Christmas dinner. that afternoon we went to girl's parents and stayed the rest of the vacation there. girl was in bed sick for three days. girl's son then got sick for one day and then girl's dad was sick for a couple of days and then mom wasn't feeling well when we left. girl felt really bad that everyone got sick. girl's brother's family had been sick right before girl went for Christmas. it's hard to say for sure where girl got the bug but she would have liked to not had it.

Master now has girl kneeling for 10 minutes every morning and evening. girl asked Master if she could please do this and He thought it was a good idea. girl has promised Master and herself that she is going to do better with following the schedule Master gives her everyday. girl also needs to spend more time with her schoolwork and get the apartment in order. girl needs to remember that everything she does should be something that would be pleasing to Master. she needs to stop and think about what she is doing, what she is saying, how she looks, etc. would Master be pleased? if the answer is no, then girl needs to change whatever she was thinking about doing, saying, etc.

Master was out last night so girl did not get to talk with Master. the night before Master and girl got to spend some time on yahoo. it was the first real chat Master and girl had in a week since girl had been away. Master told girl that He loved her. it was the first time Master had said that and it made girl feel so good. girl knew that Master cared about her but did not think that He loved her yet. girl loves Master very much and that love grows with every passing day.

girl was lost in many ways over Christmas while she was away and without her schedule from Master. it made girl realize just how important everything Master does for girl is and how important it is for girl to follow what Master tells her.

girl hopes that this new year brings many new lessons for her. girl knows that Master will help her in every way He can because He wants to and because He loves her and owns her. being owned by Master makes girl feel safe, loved and very happy. girl knows she has a long way to go with learning how to be a good kajira for Master, but she plans on doing her best at all times and when she falls short she will not give up.

girl hopes all that read this have the best new year they have ever had. girl is pretty certain this will be the best she has ever had because she is finally where she belongs....with Master.

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