Sunday, January 25, 2009

messed up again

well, girl has done it again. girl messed up. while girl was on imvu with Master rearranging things in one of Master's rooms, girl was messaged by sister larisa. she was asking girl for some advice. since all girl was doing was sitting in different spots and waiting for Master to arrange things just so girl chatted with larisa on yahoo. girl was still paying attention to Master. more often than not girl was on the next spot before Master told her to. girl was watching His chat bubbles. *giggles*

anyway, girl got in trouble for chatting with someone else while she was with Master. Master hasn't given girl her punishment yet. girl worries about what it will be. why can't girl do right? she hates messing up. girl shouldn't mess up like that. girl has been depressed about it all day. girl feels so horrible when she messes up.

girl was also really tired again today. after messing up with Master girl tried to sleep again. girl kept dreaming she was being chased by someone who wanted to kill her. it was not a good sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Its been a long time since posts.....