Monday, January 5, 2009

Day One with Miss Maggy

Master kept girl a couple of hours past her bedtime last night and an hour or so past the time girl was to be Miss Maggy's. neither Master nor girl wanted the night to end. Master send Miss Maggy a message letting Her know that He had kept girl late and that girl's day was to start later than originally planned. girl was worried that she would be punished by Miss Maggy on her first day for this. Miss explained to girl that since it was girl's Master that kept her she was not in trouble. girl was certainly happy to hear that.

girl was up a little before 7am this morning. she did her kneeling for 10 minutes next to her bed with her chain still clipped to her collar. girl went to her computer to get her schedule in her email from Miss but it was not there. girl sent Miss an offline message on yahoo about it. Miss must have been invisibile when girl sent it because Miss immediately became visible and explained to girl that it wasn't there yet because Master had told Her that girl's day wasn't to start until Noon since He had kept her up.

girl and Miss chatted for a while and got some things straightened out with girl's schedule. after girl's kids both left for school girl was allowed to go back to bed for a while. girl and Miss decided to meet on imvu at 10am.

girl got up and online on time. girl was not late. girl and Miss chatted and checked out some poses in some of the places Miss has. girl had a nice time with Miss. at Noon Miss dismissed girl to get her schedule started.

girl was able to follow her schedule and get 4 loads of laundry washed and dried. girl has thought about Master all day long. not a moment has gone by that Master wasn't on her mind. she is missing Him like crazy but girl knows this will be good for her.

girl is tired tonight and is hoping she is able to sleep better than she did last night. she will imagine that she is wrapped up tight in Master's loving arms.

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