Friday, October 10, 2008

Restored: very, very short story and Restless Sleep

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Very, very short story: The Lonely Slave Girl

There was once a girl with the heart of a slave. She yearned every day for a Master or Mistress to own her. It was a need in her to please and to serve in any way she could. But alas, this lonely slave girl found herself many miles away from any one that cared. She lived in a city she could not relate to. The only ones she had was her two children. All they cared about was what they wanted or didn’t want. They never thought about what would make there momma happy, nor did they care. The fire of the slave girl’s heart slowly started to fade and burn away. She could not find her happiness while doing what she could to ensure her children’s happiness. For all she did for them, they were still never happy.

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Restless Sleep

Because I wasn't feeling well last night, Mistress let me go to bed early without sending my daily emails or having my next installment of my story done. I asked permission to play with the pussy that now belongs to her and Master and to be able to cum in hopes that it would relax me enough to be able to sleep regardless of my horrible headache. Mistress told me it was ok.I tormented Mistress' pussy and came hard twice. I should have been sleeping like a baby, but I could not. Mistress, Master and I had been talking about them owning me and how they have decided to send me a collar. This thought alone kept spinning through my brain keeping me awake. The thought of being owned by Mistress and Master kept echoing in my head and in my heart. It should have been enough by itself to lull me into dreamland; however, the more I thought about it, the more my owned pussy began to tingle. My slave thoughts would not allow me to sleep. I played some more and came hard two more times. I was so tired and felt so peaceful. I held the chain around my neck in my hand, snuggled into the sheets that I hug at night and imagined I was snuggled up close to Mistress and Master. I was finally able to get a couple of hours sleep.Dispite my lack of sleep, I was up at 530 this morning to do my 15 minutes of kneeling with the clothes pins attached to my nipples. Since I still had plenty of time before work, I wanted to get this typed and posted.Thank you Mistress and Master for owning this girl. She promises to do her best to always please you.

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