Friday, October 10, 2008

Restored: Story: Lessons Learned Part 2

Friday, September 19, 2008

Story: Lessons Learned Part 2

Lessons Learned

Part 2

As I walked through the park toward the fountain in the middle, I scanned every face for the man that might be waiting for me. Why was I searching? I had no idea who I was looking for. I did not know his face. Yet, like a nervous school girl, or in this case slave girl, I searched the many faces.

As I walked down the sidewalk my heels clicked with confidence. I took a deep breath and held my head up with pride knowing that I was obeying Master’s commands. A brisk breeze swept over my nipples, teasing them and making them perk up. As I drew closer to the fountain, an awareness swept over me that I was feeling something, but was it fear or excitement.

When I reached the fountain in the middle of the park, I gracefully sat upon the edge just enough to be sitting and then turned with my right side toward the middle of the fountain. A wind blew in under the ruffles around the bottom of my dress and blew it wide open to one side. The unexpected breeze sent tingles throughout my body and my pussy throbbed with anticipation.I glanced up and noticed a gentleman sitting on a bench across from me. I gave him a flirty little smile and left my dress as it had been blown open. I opened my book and pretended to start reading. I glanced up and smiled at the man again before fixing my dress.

The moments passed and I had flipped through many pages in my book without remembering whether I had actually read them or not. I could feel the sun warming my skin and the slight breezing whispering in my hair. I looked around to see if I could tell what time it was. I could not.The man from the bench was now gone. The children that had been playing near by had drifted away to parts unknown. There were a few picnickers scattered here and there under shade trees. A short distance away was a food vendor. In all the confusion this morning I had not taken the time to eat.

As if on cue my stomach rumbled as if telling me to chase down the vendor and eat. I closed my book and stood up. I took one step and stopped. I stood there trying to decide if I should leave the fountain or not.

Master had told me to sit at the fountain and wait. Surely, Master would not want his girl to go without eating would he? I could hear Master in my head, “Girl, you should have eaten before you left the house. Now sit back down and wait as you were told.”

“Yes, Master,” I replied out loud and resumed my position at the side of the fountain.

I set the book aside and started running my finger around in the water. I started daydreaming as I watched the swirls I was making. I was imagining who the man was that was coming for me. Did he have dark hair or light hair? Was he short or tall or somewhere in between? What was this man going to do to me? Maybe he would tie me up in a dark place and leave me there and not return. No, Master would not allow a man that would do that. Was this man going to use me for his pleasures? Would he grab me by the hair and force me to suck his cock? Perhaps he would restrain me and use all my holes so hard I could hardly catch my breath. Perhaps…….

“Lost in pleasant thought, dear girl?”

I slowly opened my eyes to find a handsome dark haired gentleman handing me a rose. My pussy was already wet from my daydreaming, but now it throbbed so hard I nearly lost my breath.

I blushed and replied, “Yes, Sir.”

To be continued…….

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