Friday, October 31, 2008

bumpy beginning

We have been going to Master's every night this week. Things have been a little crazy since Master has been trying to get costumes made for their kids. "S" has had a few issues with me but nothing that really isn't expected. Being part of a poly home isn't the easiest thing and there will always be issues on everyone's part that need to be dealt with. The biggest issues actually came from one of Master and "S"'s preteen daughters. Master was not expecting this at all but dealt with it the way He felt best.

The kids are all getting along. This is a very big plus already.

Hopefully once Halloween is over things will settle down a bit and rules and expectations can be discussed. I will just wait and be patient until Master is ready and has the time.

I am trying to adjust to all of it myself. This hasn't been the best week for me to be going to Master's every night since I am trying to get final projects done for my college classes. Master has been helpful as far as my Cultural Diversity paper goes and I am thankful for His help.

Getting used to new people can be very stressful for me at times and now with Master, "S", and their kids it seems to be even more so. I think maybe because I am not sure of how things are done yet or what is expected but also because I want them to like me and I want Master to be happy that I am around.

I do hope that "S" and I can be the best of friends as well as sister slaves. I do hope that she understands that I am not looking to replace her in any way. I am merely around to enhance what she already gives to Master.


ps. the only reason i call my sister slave "S" is because I do not know if Master wishes me to give names yet at this time. since it has not been discussed, I will only use initials until given permission to do otherwise.

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