Friday, October 10, 2008

Restored: The Story of L

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Story of L
The Story of L’s Night

Since this girl has to do a better story because the one she wrote last night was not worthy enough, she has decided to write about what happened to her after writing the story. I guess for those that don’t know what happened before the very, very short story was written, I should start jump a bit ahead first.Last night this girl was having a very fun and wonderful chat with Master. Master had girl laughing so hard it’s a wonder she didn’t start crying. Master had heard on the radio about some place that was turning human waste into fuel. Master found something about it and sent girl the link to the page. From there on Master and girl were making all kinds of poo jokes back and forth. It was the most girl had laughed in a while. Girl enjoys Master’s sense of humor…even if it is on a crappy topic. *giggles*Girl’s son came in and Master saw him in her webcam. Master said something about there being the future cowboy. Master said this because of the possibility of girl and her kids moving to Alabama to be with Master and Mistress. Master has horses and has said that if girl and the kids move down then at some point we will all have horses too. Girl mentioned Master’s comment to her son and explained what Master had meant. Girl’s son immediately got an attitude and stomped out of the room saying, “I am NOT moving to Alabama.”Well, girl’s mood changed very quickly from laughing and cracking shitty jokes *giggles* to nearly in tears. Seems to girl that her son doesn’t think she should be happy. Has he forgotten that girl’s life was most together over the past few years when she was under Master’s guidance last year? Does girl’s son not want his mother to be happy? At that point last night girl felt more alone than she had in a very long time. It seemed to her that she would have to wait for what would seem an eternity before she could pursue what truly made her happy. If she had to wait, she would surely lose her true slave self that she had so recently and deliciously discovered.Girl was to have a story written for Mistress by Friday night. Girl was not feeling well that night and Mistress was kind enough to permit girl an extension and told girl to go to bed and rest. This story was to have been done last night. Girl had been trying to work on her story while she was chatting with Master, but she was having way too much fun to concentrate. Then when girl’s son gave her attitude the mood she was in would not allow her to write anything worth reading. She could not get her mind off what her son had said and that is why the very, very short story of The Lonely Slave Girl came out.Girl was hoping Mistress would understand how she was feeling and accept what she had written. Girl was almost sure that Mistress would not but was hoping like crazy that Mistress would. When Mistress had told girl that she HAD to have a story done regardless of how she was feeling Mistress disappeared. That was before girl wrote the very, very short story. When the very, very short story was done, girl sent it to Mistress and hoped for some kind of reply but got nothing.Girl was still very upset not just about her son but also because of Mistress making her write a story when girl was in the wrong frame of mind to do so. Girl waited until around 11:00pm wishing Mistress would come back and say something….anything…even if it was to just bitch.Girl gave up wishing and went to lie down. Girl sleeps chained at night, not because she is told to, but because she likes to. Last night girl did not chain herself when she laid down. She did not feel like it, she did not want it. Girl lay there crying still hoping Mistress would come back. Girl had turned her speakers up full blast so she could hear if Mistress messaged her. No message came.Girl could not sleep so she got up. Girl doesn’t know if she was supposed to get up or not but she did. She sat at the computer and decided she needed something to set her mind back to right again. She watched The Story of O.Girl remembers the first time she watched The Story of O. The movie absolutely captivated her. She sat in silence with tears running down her face watching O’s journey. After watching it that first time, girl had asked her Master at that time to chain her while sleeping at night. As girl stated, she now loves sleeping that way. Somehow it makes her feel safe and more at peace.As girl watched The Story of O last night (girl’s second time to watch it) she was just as wrapped up in O’s story as she was the first time or perhaps even more so. Girl imagined herself in O’s place at times and girl soon realized she had not behaved properly towards Mistress and she would apologize to Mistress when she talked to her again.It was now 1:30am and way past girl’s bedtime. She laid down naked with the fan blowing on her from behind her. She reached down and grabbed her chain and clipped it together around her neck where it belonged. She then wrapped the chain around each wrist as though her they were bound together near her neck.Just wrapping the chain did not suit girl one bit. The chain kept coming loose and it was starting to be a little annoying. Girl pawed around in the dark and unclipped the other end of the chain that was attached to a chest on the floor. She removed the clip from the end of the chain and somehow managed to clip the chain around both wrist together so the chain would not slip again. Girl then curled up on her side hugging her sheets.The chain touched girl’s lips and girl kissed it and touched it with the tip of her tongue. She opened her mouth slightly and ran it down a small length of the chain. Girl then kissed it again and imagined Mistress and Master had just chained her and were there watching her. Girl started to feel tingles all over and her pussy was throbbing and getting wetter and wetter. Girl just laid there in pleasant torture and happily moaned herself to sleep.Because it was so late when girl went to sleep last night she slept a little later this morning. She did not have time to do her kneeling before work but vowed that she would do it as soon as she got home this afternoon. When girl got up there was a message from Mistress glaring from her screen. Mistress was not happy and wasn’t nice. Girl’s attitude got the better of her and she soon forgot what O’s journey had shown her last night. Girl got upset with Mistress and sent her a message back that unfortunately was not lacking attitude.Girl thought about everything while she was at work this morning. She had taken a notebook with her so she could start a new story for Mistress. Today was a very busy day at work and girl did not get any spare moments to write anything, but she never stopped thinking about all that had happened and she thought back to O many times.On girl’s way home she reminded herself that she still needed to do her kneeling. When she got home she got undressed and got into the shower. She shaved all necessary parts and without drying off after her shower she went to her corner to do her kneeling.In girl’s kneeling corner she has two copies of the Slave Mantra…one for Master and one for Mistress. Girl knelt there naked and dripping from the shower and she started reading the Mantra out loud. Only instead of reading the entire thing like she usually does, her mind only let her read every other line. I am slave. I am owned. I obey. I am to please. The more girl read these, the more she cried.Girl had to remove her glasses due to the tears. Girl could feel the tears running from the corners of her eyes. The tears ran down under her chin, down her neck and between her breasts. Girl chanted those same lines over and over and over realizing yet again that she had not obeyed and had not been pleasing. She could only hope that Mistress would forgive her.

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