Friday, October 10, 2008

restored: clothes pins for Mistress

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

clothes pins for Mistress

Mistress has requested that I start a blog here. I am required to post at least 2 blog entries a week. I will also be required to post a story here once a week. Tonight seems like a good night to start.Mistress had me kneel naked for 15 minutes tonight with clothes pins on my nipples. At the end of the 15 minutes I was to take a picture, send it to Mistress in an email and then remove the close pins.I grabbed my camera and clothes pins and went to kneel. Before starting my time, I turned on the camera. Nothing but a little red light blinking at me. Dang it. I go into panic mode.I put the camera down and attach the clothes pins on my nipples after removing my nightie. I knelt on the floor where I could keep track of time. I started looking around the room while kneeling there wondering if there was anything that might have batteries that would fit in the camera. After only a few minutes not only was I in a panic over the camera but I was also unable to sit still because of the clothes pins. It was really creating an urgent need in me. I knelt there wiggling, in a panic still looking franticlly around. I didn't want to disappoint Mistress by not having a camera to take the picture she requested.After kneeling with the clothes pins on for 15 minutes, i was feeling like my nipples would fall off, I was so excited i couldn't stand it and i was in such a panic i couldn't think straight. I found some batteries (thank god), took a few pictures, removed the clothes pins, put my nightie back on and sat back down at the computer.Mistress saw me sit down because i had my webcam on. She asked me what she had told me to do. With all my panic, i had forgotten that i was to leave the pins on until after I had sent the pictures. Mistress made me put the clothes pins back on for another 5 minutes.I felt so bad that i had messed up. I hate messing up. I hate being a disappointment.Mistress has decided to make the kneeling with clothes pins on a daily thing. Not entirely sure how i feel about it, but at least I know the camera is working right now. lol
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