Friday, October 10, 2008

Restored: thankful for Mistress

Thursday, September 25, 2008

thankful for Mistress

girl had a really busy day today. after she dropped her son off at school, she and her daughter dropped some papers off at the assistance office and then girl dropped her daughter off at school. girl came home for little while and got to chat with Mistress. Mistress helped girl find the local Aldi so she will be able to get groceries cheaper. girl was so thankful for Mistress' help. girl had looked on google and mapquest for this particular Aldi. it is only 1.61 miles from girl's apartment. girl could not find it on either one of those and it is not listed on the Aldi website either. girl also could not find it listed in the local phone book. what would this girl do without her Mistress? thank you Mistress for finding the Aldi for girl.girl then had orientation for a job. the orientation lasted 3 hours. girl then was going to have lunch but she checked her cell phone and her son had called and left 3 voice mails saying that his school had an early dismissal could girl please pick him up. by the time girl got the messages he was already home so girl just came home and picked him up and then they both went back to Old Country Buffet for lunch.After lunch girl and her son went to pick up the daughter. from there we all followed the printed directions to Aldi and wandered around in there for a while. girl didn't get much. she has food stamps coming and is waiting for them before buying too much. thank you Mistress for pushing me to remember to get the food stamps again.although girl does mess up and get punished and girl sometimes gets upset and angry with Master and Mistress (girl knows she shouldn't but she is human and still trying to learn) girl knows that they care for girl and are always looking after her best interests. thank you Mistress and Master for taking care of your girl.

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